Can’t find what you’re looking for….?

Or why I love to take bespoke orders…

There are lots of great reasons to buy from a small business. Not least, you’re supporting a small business and making someone very happy every time you place an order. I’m really not kidding when I say that I do a happy dance every single time I receive an order email. Next, you’re buying something handmade and made with love. It’s not mass produced and you know that you’re receiving something quite unique and original. Another good reason to shop small is that very often your purchases will come wrapped in gorgeous paper, tied up with ribbons or string, and who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle in their day. Sellers will often be able to send items directly to your loved ones too, so if you’re running late with a birthday gift or a special celebration you know that your purchase will still make it there on time. But one of the best reasons to buy handmade is that you can request bespoke items, something made just for you, just the way that you like it.

A bespoke order is something unique just for you. It could be a product in a different colour-way. Or a slightly different shape or style. Or perhaps with a different trim or finish. Or it could even be something completely new.

I love receiving bespoke orders. It’s wonderful to know that I can help someone find their ideal item or gift. I’ve been asked to make lots of different items from drawstring bags in a particular print, cushion covers to co-ordinate with an interior decor, clutch purses to compliment a tote bag, bunting for a child’s bedroom. I even made some of those cotton carrier bag holders (but the less said about those the better….!) Some of the items that you see listed in my shop have come from bespoke orders – the peg bag, the squashy hottie covers are just two examples of how my range has been influenced by customer requests.

The bespoke order process is very simple. A client will contact me with their request. I’ll get in touch perhaps with some questions to tease out the idea and check my understanding. I’ll also research fabric options and special features and come up with a design option or two for the client to ponder. We may go back and forth a few times until we’re both happy with the idea. I’ll then work out a price and a delivery timescale and check those with the client. There’s no obligation to go ahead with the order, but if the client is happy I’ll keep them informed during the production process and let them know how it’s going. Once I’ve finished the item I’ll get in touch again with some pictures to let the client see the completed pieced. If they’re happy I’ll then arrange payment and delivery. It really is that simple.

If you have an idea in mind and would like to have an initial – no obligation – chat about it, do please get in touch. You’ll find all of my contact options on the home page

Bespoke Yellow Scandi Cushion Covers to match an interior

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