Christmas in July

When does Christmas start for you? Is it when the kids break up from school? When the Christmas specials start on telly? When you open the first window in the advent calendar? When you start your Christmas shopping? When the lights and sparkle start to appear in the shop windows? Straight after Halloween? Well, for a small creative business like mine, Christmas starts in July. Yes! July!

July is the time of year when Christmas fabrics start to appear in the shops again. It’s a time to browse the new prints and see this years exciting new designs. It may be glorious sunshine outside, but here in TWOO HQ July is all about the Christmas feels. Sometimes I’ll have a few ideas already in mind, other times I’ll let the fabrics do the talking and lead me in a certain direction.

As for my designs and creations, by July I may have a good idea of what I’d like to make for my Christmas shelves. Sometimes it might be an adaptation of something from a previous year, or it might be something completely new. Pinterest is a great source and resource of new ideas and inspiration, too. Once I’ve chosen my creations I’ll work out what materials I’ll need to complete them – trims, ribbons, interfacing, and embellishments. And then I get to place an order and wait for it all to arrive – just like Christmas!

During August and September I’ll make up stock items to list in my shops. It seems strange to be working with festive fabrics and trims whilst we’re still in summer, but it can take a bit of time to make up the range and have it ready for listing. Photographs also need to be taken, trying to create a festive atmosphere with the sun blasting through the window. And then I can list and share the items with you, and help inspire your Christmas gift giving.

Santa on the beach…. Photo by Denys Gromov on

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