How am I doing…?

Or, how to leave The Wise Old Owl some feedback…

Being a small business owner it can be difficult sometimes to know how I’m doing. Do my customers like my products; is the quality as expected; did things turn up on time; do the photos accurately show the item?

You’ll know that I always do a happy dance whenever I make a sale. I do jump up and down with absolute joy that someone has chosen to make a purchase from me.

But do you know that I’ll also get excited whenever I receive feedback or a customer review. It’s always a bit nerve wracking whenever I send out an item to a customer. I never really know if they have recieved it. And then I never really know if they like it. I just have to hope that all has gone well, unless I hear otherwise.

So to hear the ‘ping!’ of a review coming in is very exciting indeed.

Customers tell me all sorts of things when they leave feedback. Sometimes they’ll comment on the actual item, or the packacing, or the quality of the fabric, or how much their mum is going to love their gift. These comments give me a real boost, to know that I’m doing ok. They also let me know that I’m on the right track and meeting your expectations.

So, if you’ve bought something from The Wise Old Owl recently and would like to leave some feedback, I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a review on either of my shop pages and it would be fab to hear the email ‘ping!’

Such pretty quality fabric and well sewn. Wrapped with care. Thank you!

Julie: 13th December 2021

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