TWOO All Wrapped Up

There’s a lot of truth in that Sound of Music Song*… ‘brown paper packages tied up with string…’ These are a few of my favourite things. I love the care and detail that goes in to carefully packaged parcels and gifts. A very dear friend of mine is an absolute expert and birthday and Christmas are made all the more special with her gifts. I love brightly coloured papers and pretty trims with well thought out gift tags and stickers.

I recently received feedback from a customer who wasn’t happy with my product packaging. She had expected something more… I took on board what she had said and set about reviewing what I offer. I decided that the tissue paper and branded sticker were both fine but that perhaps the postal bags that I had used were not quite up to the job of keeping everything inside looking as fresh as when I had sent the parcel off. So, I set about sourcing some postal boxes of varying sizes to see what might work. I had to keep in mind the wrapped size of my products whilst also being mindful of postal prices. I didn’t want to choose a box size that would then require me to pass on additional postal charges to you, the customer. I found a fab company who were able to send me some samples to try out before placing my order.

I’m so pleased with the addition of the postal boxes. They provide a sturdy place to put my products and I can be sure that they will arrive in the same condition as when they left my home.

As much as possible, all of my packaging is eco friendly – made from recycled materials and/or recyclable themselves. The only exception is my branded sticker, but I’ve cut back the use of those to one per product, and will continue to search for an eco friendly supplier. I adopted the cream tissue paper in 2021 as it helps to show of my branding colours to their best. And I like to pop in a thank you note and an individually wrapped tea bag too, to enjoy as you unwrap your purchase.

What do you look for in product packaging? Are there things that you love? And things that really annoy you! Let me know in the comments. C xxx

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