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If you are a regular on social media, you’ll often see posts from small businesses talking about a recent piece of feedback or a customer review that they’ve just received. These are invaluable to small creative businesses as they help future customers get a feel for what they should expect both in terms of product and customer service. They also give the seller a huge boost of confidence as they get news on how well they are doing. On some selling platforms customer reviews also help to ‘push’ the shop higher up the rankings, giving the business greater exposure to more potential customers. So, those few words of appreciation and encouragement can have a huge impact.

There are so many ways that you can leave feedback to a small business. The most obvious way is through their sales site. These are geared up for feedback and reviews and will often include a star rating system too. Another way is to share a picture of your purchase on social media and tell your friends and followers all about it – remember to tag the business so that they can see your post too. You could also email the business owner to let them know how much you like your order. And, as in-person events get going again, what could be nicer than just telling them right there and then.

The best way to leave me feedback on The British Craft House is through my shop page. To do that, you’ll need to click on the item that you’ve bought and scroll down to the Review tab. On Etsy, you’ll receive an email and a prompt after the dispatch due date to remind you to leave some feedback. All it takes are just a few words to give new customers confidence and businesses a wee lift.

I bought these Egg Cosies for my Sister-in-Law for a Christmas present, she absolutely loved them, they are so cheerful and bright. Would highly recommend buying these, very well made too. Thank you Clare.

Camilla, The British Craft House January 2022

Gorgeous choice of fabric that feels so lovely. Lovely wrapping too. It will make a cute gift, thank you!

Julie, Etsy, December 2021

So, if you’ve bought something from The Wise Old Owl recently I’d love to hear what you think about it. Take five minutes out of your day to shout out and let others know too.

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