Not another bunch of flowers….

Is anyone else starting to feel the pressure of buying the ‘right’ gift this year for Valentine’s Day? I know that I am. I find it difficult to buy for my hubby as he really only likes practical gifts and things that he can use. Not very romantic!

Flowers and chocolates are an obvious choice – and who says that guys don’t want either!? But they don’t last very long and are just a bit boring… (though I would be delighted to receive either. Hint! Hint!)

Some of the most precious gifts that I’ve received over the years have brought memories and reminders with them. Reminders of people or places whenever I use them. Take our carving knife set that we have at home, as an example. Given to us by Maurice and Alison on our wedding day, every time that I use the set I’m transported to their sitting room deep in conversation and debate, and caught up in their vast knowledge of life. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every gift stoked up such rich and lasting memories?

So, as I mentioned, Valentine’s doesn’t have to be all hearts, flowers and chocolates. I have some gorgeous items that would be a delight to receive and create a special moment to cherish forever. I’ve shared my Valentine Egg Cosies on here before, but how about a lovely squashy hot water bottle to snuggle up to? A hug right there whenever it’s needed? And so pretty to look at and hold, your loved one will want to hang on to it forever. Every purchase comes wrapped in a pretty cream tissue paper with a hand-written note, taking the panic out of gift wrapping too.

As for hubby, well I’ll keep searching for that perfect gift. And if you have any suggestions please let me know! C xxx

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