Winter is upon us

The weather has taken a turn this week and we’ve had snow, frost, biting wind and gales here in Edinburgh. All in one day, it seems! This turn of seasons makes me want to hunker down and stay indoors with a good book and great coffee. How about you?

Add to that a snuggly blanket and a cosy hot water bottle and I’m all set.

The Wise Old Owl has a gorgeous range of beautiful hot water bottle covers to dress up your bottle. They are lovely and squahy and great to cuddle up to and keep warm. They’re handmade right here in my Edinburgh home workshop.

Each cosy is made from pretty cotton fabric and filled with cosy polyester wadding. I start by cutting out all of the pieces, and giving it all a good press with a hot iron. I then make the four strips for the bow ties and lay them to one side whilst I make up the bag of the cover. That’s one outer layer, filled with the poly wadding, and one inner layer. I then insert one inside the other, line up the bow tie strips and machine stitch along the inside top edge. Then I flip the whole cover right sides out and check for accuracy. Once I’m happy, I slip stitch the open shoulders and side seam. And, tah dah! The hot water bottle cover is finished.

It’s a design and method that I’ve developed myself and I’m really pleased with the process and finished cover.

The hot water bottle covers are just perfect as a gift, for mum, as a house warming, or just to say that you care. They’re a spot of luxury and evoke simple pleasures and easier times. The covers are beautiful to have at home, and are also ideal to take away with you on holiday. No more chilly hotel or guest bedrooms!

You’ll find a selection of the bottle covers on both of my shop pages. They come wrapped in cream tissue paper and are sent in a secure postal box, keeping them looking pristine on arrival. With Mother’s Day just around the corner now is the ideal time to grab yours.

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