My Bear Paw

I’m often asked where I get my supplies of fabrics from. My stash of fabrics and haberdashery materials. As my business really took off during Lockdown I was pushed in to buying fabrics and haberdashery from on-line stores. I found a couple of really good on-line stores that I now buy from regularly. It’s always a little tricky buying on-line as I’m never 100% sure of what I’m looking at. And, yes, I have had a couple of surprises arrive in the post of prints that I was expecting to be pretty and delicate, that were anything but! But, mostly everything arrives as expected.

There are several very good fabric and haberdashery shops here in Edinburgh and one of them offered the most amazing delivery service during Lockdown 2020. The store owner sent her son off on his bike to do deliveries – very reminiscent of the 1930s and 40s! Another shop was excellent in helping me identify a particular print. I had a small scrap of it let and emailed a photo over. Were they able to tell me what it was and if they still had it in stock. Amazingly Kevin was able to do just that!

Whilst these delivery and on-line options have been fantastic during the months when we weren’t allowed to go very far, they do carry an extra charge – postage. And, with the cost of everything going up and up these days, I’m always looking for more cost effective options in my business.

So, on Friday I took a short walk to My Bear Paw a wonderful fabric and crafting studio here in Edinburgh. I know it well, having taken a couple of sewing classes there in the past. And when I first started out as The Wise Old Owl I would pop in there to buy fat quarters of fabric. But I’d never considered it for meter lengths.

The shop itself is small with much of the rear space given over to the teaching room. But the available retail space is packed with fabrics, trims, haberdashery, yarn, crochet tools, books, wadding, and so much more. It’s like stepping in to a sweetie shop full of jars of tasty treats!

I had a wander around, taking in all of the sights and colour. I paused and peered, looked and touched, and took it all in. I’d gone in with a rough idea of what I was looking for – a length of brightly patterned cotton and a length of plain to compliment it. I wanted something bright and bold, that shouted out summer! Something that would stand out from, but also work well with, the other items in my own shop. I also had a good rummage around the haberdashey wall, well stocked and full of tools and tricks that I never knew I needed. Eventually I picked out my fabric choices and headed to the counter.

The shop keeper asked my what I would be making and I told her a little of my business and the things that I make. We spoke about selling on-line and the trials that brings, and we were both looking forward to the sun heading in so that we could crack on with some product photography.

So, what did I buy? Well, this rather fabulous Sunflower from Henna by Beth Studley for Makower and the gorgeous complimentary Deep Orchid Makower Spectrum Solid. Do you like them?

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