My favourite time of day

You may not know, but I absolutely love coffee. Two cups, every morning and never after 12noon (or I’ll be awake all night!?) I have a bit of a morning routine, and coffee is the first thing that I think about in the morning and the last thing at night. I think that I might be a little obsessed! The first cup is just a black coffee with milk. The second is a frothy coffee made using my machine at home with whizzed up hot milk. I couldn’t really call it a latte or a cappuccino as it fits neither camp. But it hits the spot here.

My favourite time of day to enjoy my morning coffee is right after breakfast, after I’ve cleared everything away and tidied up the kitchen. It’s a good time to just sit, take stock of the day ahead and ponder for a while. Sometimes I’ll have the radio on, something soothing and classical. Other times I’ll just be listening to the world outside.

My favourite coffee spot

I like to sit at this window, in our sitting room. From here, on the second floor, I have a good vantage point to see all that’s going on. People and traffic out on the street, and in the garden below the birds at the feeder. I’ll sit just exactly like this with my feet propped up on the window ledge. It doesn’t look very comfy, but I can while a way a good chunk of time just relaxing and daydreaming. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

I’ll use the time to gather my thoughts and plan out the day ahead. There will always be some household chores to be done: some cleaning, the laundry, or perhaps the supermarket shop to plan out. And I’ll also think about what I’d like to get done for The Wise Old Owl during the day too. It’s just a lovely time to sit, and be, and ready myself for the day ahead.

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