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I’m currently working on a very lovely custom order – a selection of Scottish themed pieces to take to Australia as gifts for family at Christmas time. The client (who happens to be my sister!) has requested a range of items including coin purses, make up bags and a hot water bottle cover. And the overall look has to be Scottish.

As you know, I love custom orders – it’s a chance for me to try new designs, new fabrics, and just let my creative side run a bit freer. Although I have a core range of products I’m happy to make tweaks and additions to be able to make something truly special and unique for the client.

In this case, I suggested a fabulous Lewis & Irene print: Celtic Dreams,. Lewis & Irene make gorgeous fabrics, beautiful prints that wash and cut very well, are lovely to work with, and make beautiful items to enjoy forever. I’ve been using their fabrics and prints for a few years now and love every one of them. My sister has picked out two colourways, which will compliment each other very well, and I’ve bought these from Wool Wearhouse as I was unable to source them locally.

I’ve suggested using a woollen plaid fabric to work alongside the Celtic Dreams, something in a colourway to bring out the best in the printed cotton and add a touch of Scottishness to the items. I’ll not use it on every piece, but will pick out a few key items where I think that a touch of warming wool would work well: the hot water bottle cover would be a good place. Edinburgh Fabrics has a great range of woollen plaids and tweeds so I’ll head there with a couple of samples of the Lewis & Irene to find a few options for the client to select from. I’ll also raid their amazing haberdashery department for threads and zips in contrasting colours and add simple but effective details.

I’ll choose a plain cotton fabric to work alongside the Celtic Dreams and act as a lining. My Bear Paw has a fabulous range of prints and plain cottons so I’ll head there to find just the right plain cotton for the project. The shop is just a short walk from home and I try to buy as much of my fabrics from there as possible as the quality is top class and I like to try to support local businesses wherever possible.

So, as you can see this one order will require supplies from three different companies. And I think that’s ok as it’s important to get just the right quality and choice of materials. Each of my items, whether custom made or for my on-line store, will have been made from top quality cottons that I’ve carefully chosen. I do try to shop locally whenever I can as I feel that it’s important to support my local stores and businesses. But if I can’t source the right item then I will head on-line.

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