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Clare Campbell - The Wise Old Owl herself

Meet The Wise Old Owl

Welcome to The Wise Old Owl. My name is Clare Campbell and I’m an artisan crafter based in Edinburgh. I make gorgeous gifts and fancies for the home, in brightly patterned fabrics.

I create gorgeous pieces including hot water bottle covers for chilly nights in, roomy tote bags for shopping days, and vibrant peg bags to brighten up your washing line.

I’m a self-taught artisan, having struggled with sewing lessons at school, and I only discovered a love of sewing when I inherited my husband’s grandmother’s old Toyota machine in the summer of 2019.

I also struggle to read sewing patterns and find them difficult to understand. Therefore all of my pieces are designed myself, and you can be sure of receiving a well thought out item.

When I’m not sewing I love to bake. I’ll have a loaf of bread rising most weeks and there’s a constant supply of cakes and biscuits in the tin at home.

I also welcome commission enquiries.

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