Less is most definitely more

Or, how to feel more productive and amazing… Everyone’s busy. I get it. We’re all running from one thing to the next, trying to squeeze every ounce in to our day, feeling stressed, harassed and in all honesty, quite a bit deflated by it all. We’re failures! Except, that we’re not… I’ve discovered that byContinue reading “Less is most definitely more”

How to make this website work…

I’d imagined beautiful photographs and curated collections of my products, seasonal selections, news and information, sharing insights in to me and my business. It would be sleek and simple, easy to navigate around, and above all a fun place to hang out.

My favourite time of day

You may not know, but I absolutely love coffee. Two cups, every morning and never after 12noon (or I’ll be awake all night!?) I have a bit of a morning routine, and coffee is the first thing that I think about in the morning and the last thing at night. I think that I mightContinue reading “My favourite time of day”

Ten things that you maybe don’t know about me…

The very first piece of music that I bought was the 12″ single of Stephen Tin Tin Duffy’s Kiss Me. I still have it after all these years. Before I became the Chief of The Wise Old Owl I worked in an admin managerial role in higher education. It was great fun and a veryContinue reading “Ten things that you maybe don’t know about me…”

Haddington Agricultural Show

My connection to Haddington and East Lothian goes way back.  I have relatives on both my mother’s and my father’s side of the family who live and work in the area.  Both farmers, I spent much of my childhood in and around the East Lothian countryside, enjoying the long sandy beaches and the rolling green hills.  It’s a very special place and holds a very special place in my heart. 

June To-Do-List…

Such a lot to do and not much time to do it all in. Here’s a little snap shop of a day (or month) in the lift of The Wise Old Owl. Let’s see how much I actually get done this month…. Write a blog post EVERY week Get ready for the Haddington Agricultural ShowContinue reading “June To-Do-List…”

Fabulously Fun Family Tea Cosy

However, it didn’t start out like this. In my imagination it was going to have a string of bunting flags rather than the hearts. And the flags were all going to be in the sunflower print. I was going to launch the tea cosy in time for the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend celebrations and had imagined street parties up and down the country with tables laden with sandwiches and scones, jugs of Pimms, and string of bunting all along.

The Penicuik Storehouse

Do you ever have days where you start out happily bobbing along, thinking that you have a plan for the day and that you know what needs to be done, and then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, something quite unexpected happens and sets you off on a different track?

But in a good way, though (no disaster movies here thankyou!)

This happened to me last Monday. I was merrily going about my day when, out of the blue, an email popped in to my account, which I knew instantly was going to be very good for my business.

My Bear Paw

I’m often asked where I get my supplies of fabrics from. My stash of fabrics and haberdashery materials. As my business really took off during Lockdown I was pushed in to buying fabrics and haberdashery from on-line stores. I found a couple of really good on-line stores that I now buy from regularly. It’s alwaysContinue reading “My Bear Paw”