Ten things that you maybe don’t know about me…

The very first piece of music that I bought was the 12″ single of Stephen Tin Tin Duffy’s Kiss Me. I still have it after all these years. Before I became the Chief of The Wise Old Owl I worked in an admin managerial role in higher education. It was great fun and a veryContinue reading “Ten things that you maybe don’t know about me…”

Haddington Agricultural Show

My connection to Haddington and East Lothian goes way back.  I have relatives on both my mother’s and my father’s side of the family who live and work in the area.  Both farmers, I spent much of my childhood in and around the East Lothian countryside, enjoying the long sandy beaches and the rolling green hills.  It’s a very special place and holds a very special place in my heart. 

June To-Do-List…

Such a lot to do and not much time to do it all in. Here’s a little snap shop of a day (or month) in the lift of The Wise Old Owl. Let’s see how much I actually get done this month…. Write a blog post EVERY week Get ready for the Haddington Agricultural ShowContinue reading “June To-Do-List…”

Feedback and Review

If you are a regular on social media, you’ll often see posts from small businesses talking about a recent piece of feedback or a customer review that they’ve just received. These are invaluable to small creative businesses as they help future customers get a feel for what they should expect both in terms of productContinue reading “Feedback and Review”

TWOO All Wrapped Up

There’s a lot of truth in that Sound of Music Song*… ‘brown paper packages tied up with string…’ These are a few of my favourite things. I love the care and detail that goes in to carefully packaged parcels and gifts. A very dear friend of mine is an absolute expert and birthday and ChristmasContinue reading “TWOO All Wrapped Up”

A day in the life…

I try to split my day in to home life in the morning and TWOO in the afternoons. That way there’s always dinner on the table and clean socks in the drawer. Otherwise, I’d happily spend all day sewing, making and creating, and not get much else done.

A little secret: About Secret Santa

Everyone gathered round and pulled out their wee slips of paper, faces giving nothing away. It came to my turn and I pulled out the last slip of paper. It had my name on it. As in, my own actual name. I had pulled ‘me’ out of the hat! My face gave nothing away.

Christmas Gift Wrap

Good news! My supplies of Christmas gift wrap for 2021 have arrived and I’m so pleased with this year’s choices. Each Christmas gift purchase will come tied up in ribbon and string and will come with a sweet little wooden bauble. The bauble can be decorated and hung from your tree at home. I can’tContinue reading “Christmas Gift Wrap”

Can’t find what you’re looking for….?

I love receiving bespoke orders. It’s wonderful to know that I can help someone find their ideal item or gift. I’ve been asked to make lots of different items from drawstring bags in a particular print, cushion covers to co-ordinate with an interior decor, clutch purses to compliment a tote bag, bunting for a child’s bedroom. I even made some of those cotton carrier bag holders (but the less said about those the better….!) Some of the items that you see listed in my shop have come from bespoke orders – the peg bag, the squashy hottie covers are just two examples of how my range has been influenced by customer requests.