Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s a perfect opportunity to spoil our mums and let them know that we are grateful for all that they have done and continue to do for us. It’s a chance to treat them and make them feel special. Perhaps you might buy your mum a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Or a special box of chocolates? Maybe a trip to the beautician for a relaxing treat? However you choose to show your love, you’ll know what your mum would like best.

Not another bunch of flowers….

Some of the most precious gifts that I’ve received over the years have brought memories and reminders with them. Reminders of people or places whenever I use them. Take our carving knife set that we have at home, as an example. Given to us by Maurice and Alison on our wedding day, every time that I use the set I’m transported to their sitting room deep in conversation and debate, and caught up in their vast knowledge of life.

it’s SALE time!

Yay! We’ve made it to the end of the year. Christmas is behind us now and the new year is on the horizon. Well done to all of us! I’ve had such brilliant year here at TWOO HQ and my business and gone from strength to strength. I’ve got lots of plans and designs waitingContinue reading “it’s SALE time!”

Christmas in July

When does Christmas start for you? Is it when the kids break up from school? When the Christmas specials start on telly? When you open the first window in the advent calendar? When you start your Christmas shopping? When the lights and sparkle start to appear in the shop windows? Straight after Halloween? Well, for a small creative business like mine, Christmas starts in July…