Feedback and Review

If you are a regular on social media, you’ll often see posts from small businesses talking about a recent piece of feedback or a customer review that they’ve just received. These are invaluable to small creative businesses as they help future customers get a feel for what they should expect both in terms of productContinue reading “Feedback and Review”

TWOO All Wrapped Up

There’s a lot of truth in that Sound of Music Song*… ‘brown paper packages tied up with string…’ These are a few of my favourite things. I love the care and detail that goes in to carefully packaged parcels and gifts. A very dear friend of mine is an absolute expert and birthday and ChristmasContinue reading “TWOO All Wrapped Up”

How do you like your eggs…?

Ideal for breakfast in bed, sharing brunch with friends, or treating the family when they come to visit, egg cosies are not just for Easter. They bring a touch of fun to the morning, or tea time too.

How am I doing…?

nerve wracking whenever I send out an item to a customer. I never really know if they have recieved it. And then I never really know if they like it. I just have to hope that all has gone well, unless I hear otherwise.

A day in the life…

I try to split my day in to home life in the morning and TWOO in the afternoons. That way there’s always dinner on the table and clean socks in the drawer. Otherwise, I’d happily spend all day sewing, making and creating, and not get much else done.

it’s SALE time!

Yay! We’ve made it to the end of the year. Christmas is behind us now and the new year is on the horizon. Well done to all of us! I’ve had such brilliant year here at TWOO HQ and my business and gone from strength to strength. I’ve got lots of plans and designs waitingContinue reading “it’s SALE time!”

A little secret: About Secret Santa

Everyone gathered round and pulled out their wee slips of paper, faces giving nothing away. It came to my turn and I pulled out the last slip of paper. It had my name on it. As in, my own actual name. I had pulled ‘me’ out of the hat! My face gave nothing away.

Christmas in July

When does Christmas start for you? Is it when the kids break up from school? When the Christmas specials start on telly? When you open the first window in the advent calendar? When you start your Christmas shopping? When the lights and sparkle start to appear in the shop windows? Straight after Halloween? Well, for a small creative business like mine, Christmas starts in July…


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